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As Lilith's forces position themselves for the end game, Braedyn finds herself facing a new threat: Terrance Clay, the formidable leader of the Guard. Under Clay's leadership, the Guard ruthlessly pursues every avenue that might undermine Lilith. But when one of What readers are saying about the Daughters of Lilith series It's more than just the transformative It's more than just the transformative experience of a teenage girl - it's a moral yarn delivered with one of the strongest pro-female messages I've seen in ages.

This series has What reviewers are saying: The action sequences in this book were amazing. The ending will The ending will leave you reeling. This story is incredible and Jennifer Quintenz is an amazingly talented author This book is an absolute MUST read! You have strong Just when Braedyn Murphy thought she understood the danger descending on Puerto Escondido, a new Just when Braedyn Murphy thought she understood the danger descending on Puerto Escondido, a new threat arrives.

Try and remember this is a school field trip. There may or may not be a quiz on this mission so it might behoove you to take some notes.

Incubus Daughter: Book Two

He waved off a chorus groans with good humor. Thank the Lord, Royal said, turning around to face us. I was getting ready to dial emergency services to come and. Royal and I had made a pact to keep Parker away from Cassie as much as possible.

Royal locked eyes with me and I saw his flash of panic. Royal and I moved at the same time. Royal guided Cassie away. I stepped in front of Parker to block him from following.

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What are you doing, Parker? I hissed. I felt Lucas move to stand. Maybe she forgot that little video you made? My voice crackled with quiet fury.

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It had been almost a year since Parker had seduced Cassie on a dare and shared the videoed evidence of the deed with his friends. Where she used to radiate her own personal brand of Cassie-ness almost unconsciously, she now struggled to fade into the background. It was the thing I hated most about what Parker had done to her.

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  6. Parker pulled his gaze off of Cassie and glanced at Lucas, as if seeing him there for the first time. This has nothing to do with you, Mitchell. Parker gave Lucas a lopsided smirk. You want to take a swing at me?

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    I thought you used up all your second chances with Fiedler. I tried to catch his eye. I stumbled, catching myself on a column. Hey, Lucas growled. Parker spun around, fist clenched, ready for a fight. Behind them, I spotted Mr. Landon wandering through the crowd, eyes peeled for any trouble. If I was going to diffuse this situation, it had to happen now. I fixed my gaze on Parker. I saw Lucas tense out of the corner of my eye.


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    Um, hello? Parker seemed to shake the last of his haze off. He looped his arm over her shoulders, turning his back. I finally met his gaze, and saw my own worry mirrored in his eyes. I was there, Lucas said softly. You did it right. Lucas turned to stare after Parker, who was ignoring us, arm still comfortably circled around Ally.

    She flicked a suspicious look over to us, then angled her body so her back was facing. Come on, I said, drawing Lucas back to Royal and Cassie, who were studying some old carved panels on the walls. Doing their best to act normal. All right, Royal said, getting down to business. I glanced at Lucas, more than a little willing to spend some time strolling through the beautiful mission alone. Cassie was right.

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    The mission was beautiful. Lucas and I wandered through the sanctuary, letting the peaceful beauty of the space wash over us. As we drifted back to the main sanctuary doors, Lucas spotted a crack in one of the massive columns framing the narthex. He examined it for a moment, then smiled. Huh, he said. Apparently those monks were hiding more than one secret around this place. He hooked his fingers into the crack and what had looked like a carved section of the column turned out to be another concealed door.

    Lucas opened it, revealing a tightly curved spiral staircase leading up. Where do you suppose that goes? There was a decidedly mischievous glint in. Well, I said, as if resigning myself to an odious task. Landon did give us an assignment. The spiral staircase was so narrow you had to watch where you put your feet; each tread narrowed from about eight inches to almost nothing as it connected in the center of the spiral. It took a bit of concentration to walk up, and I knew coming down would be another challenge.

    But the climb was worth it. Lucas and I reached the top of the stairs to discover we were in a cozy little viewing balcony overlooking the main sanctuary. Very cozy, actually—we could barely move without bumping into each other. Sheltered in our hiding place, we had the perfect view of the sanctuary. Just above us, a stained glass window depicted a beautiful saint, haloed in light, holding an arrow over her heart.