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It is not to be wondered at, therefore, that three elderly and highly pecunious gentlemen of New York, who left that city on a morning in April under skies of tender blue-gray, suffused with golden sunshine, should have found themselves at half-past seven of the same evening struggling in a snow-bank in the outskirts of the little village called Pot Haven.

Of them it might truly be said that, " going out to shear, they came back shorn. All had gone successfully, and chuckling over the idea of the coming coup, they had turned their horses' heads city-ward; for tempted by the beauty of the weather, they had driven out in a light open trap belonging to the younger of the three, only to find a snow-storm under way and steadily increasing.

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The wind 'was intheir faces, the sleet fierce and cutting Have doubts regarding this product? Post your question. The two sisters talked busily as they sewed, but all the time an only half-conscious rapture informed their senses,—the sympathy of that which is immortal in human souls with the resurrection of natural things, which is the sure pledge of immortality.

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A Talk on the Doorsteps 7 II. Car Forty-seven VI. Wordless, like the experience of the deep ocean, the book is a brightly colored escape.

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A girl named Annabelle finds a box of yarn and knits colored clothes for her black-and-white town. This characterless book is a throwback interactive—like an app, but made of paper. The reader makes dots multiply, scatter, and change color with fingers and imagination.

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