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Book Review: Parenting by heart

Generally when you need this advice it is late at night or when your best friend is not at home, and Grandma is overseas! I distinctly remember turning to a baby book for some advice and comfort soon after I brought baby one home, what I read was opinionated and hurtful to someone who had had an emergency Caesar and was having difficulty breastfeeding. The book made me feel like a total failure, thankfully after a rough night of many tears I woke to the realisation that this particular baby book should be put in the bin; and not even the charity bin!

After such an experience I find it hard to recommend a book to new parents, but I have found a book I can recommend.

I thought it was such a valuable book I shared it with a friend who is a new mother and we discussed some of the topics in great depth noting the relaxed and calming tone of the book. I wished I had had it way back when.

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Reading it brought back those beautiful memories of tiny babies, the struggle, uncertainty, the quiet, the cuddles and the joy of being a mother. One of the greatest sources of grief with a new baby is the breastfeeding, Pinky is fair and honest in her approach on this topic and supportive of which ever decision you choose. Her advice is realistic and Pinky also gives each alternative options for you to try before heading one direction or another.

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She also gives a truthful discussion on supplementary feeding which is often given a negative wrap in many other books. Pinky is an International board Certified Lactation consultant, infant massage instructor and mother of five; she is well qualified to assist you in trying the right options for your new baby.

Given the quality of this book I would be also looking at the others as a first choice if you needed more advice. She is also available on the web www. It covers sleep, playtime what to do when the baby is crying and unwell, how to juggle being a mother, a wife and a daughter, and the return to work. Parenting by Heart by Pinky McKay is what I would have liked to have gifted to my sister when she had her children; it is kind, thoughtful and generous. You are unique. Your child is unique. But it is also a fact that the connection between you can be weakened when you are under stress, lack support or feel you are in unknown territory.

At such times, you may question your own wisdom and become vulnerable to pressure and inappropriate advice. When you sample various options from the stack of child-rearing techniques to form your own rich collage, this can often mean going against popular opinion. At times, following your heart can also result in challenges as you confront the wider child-free world. These people were more familiar with the association between breasts and fast cars! Like all parents, I have experienced criticism and self-doubt at times.


Book review: Parenting by Heart

To care for children and to nourish their identities requires a strong sense of self: you need to know where you are coming from in order to know where to go to find support. There are as many ways of caring and loving as there are families.

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  7. Having a child does change your life. It changes your body, your soul, your mind and your bank balance. It affects your relationships — with your partner, your parents, your friends, and your community. Parenting by Heart shows you how to nurture yourself and your relationships, just as you nurture your children. It also shows you how to stand strong against those who undermine or oppose your choices. In other words, it acknowledges the real experts — you and your child.


    My aim is to help you unlock your intuition and nurture with confidence. I knew that meant cultivating that trait or skill within myself first.

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    After some disappointment, heavy sighing, and hearing all the arguments in my head, I decided to follow my instinct. Thank you friends for waiting for me! Later that evening, in the car ride home, my daughter thanked me and said that it made her feel good that I had helped her. It made her want to reciprocate.

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    I had lived my values of kindness and compassion in the way I treated my distressed daughter. Listening to her, I knew that for who my daughter is at this moment, for who I am right now, I did what felt right. Hopefully, she will remember the event as a positive example of caring and kindness. Would you like an opportunity to reflect on your values, and how to align your parenting goals with them?